• BME Roti Macking Machine1

BME Roti Macking Machine

Model No: BME RMM-120

The Fully Automatic Chapati Making Machine is Sunshine's latest innovation in the field of Chapati Making Products. This machine integrates the entire process of peda making, pressing and chapati baking into one single unit, in the most hygienic and functional manner ever

Product Specifications


Start/Response Time for first Chapati comming to Bin(min) 2
Dough Ball weight Range (25 to 45 gms) minimum yes
Structural / Covering material of the machine Stainless Steel
Power consumption (watt) 750
Shape of Chapati Round
Chapati Colour Light brown
Power efficient machine yes
Chapati diameter (mm) 175
Automation Automatic , with Dough Ball making Process
Quality of Chapati Soft with Puffed layer
Fuel efficient Machine yes


Details Of Display On Control Panel

Temparature Controller Yes
Volt Meter Yes
Toggle Switch Yes
Push Starter Yes
Rotary Switch Yes
Emergency Switch And Indicators Yes

Product Document